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Who We Are

dyed yarn skeins hanging on the back of a loomFiber Artisans is a small, very active group of weavers and fiber artists who meet monthly in members homes in the San Jose area.

We have been members of CNCH (Conference of Northern California Handweavers) since 1979.

Our Goals

  • Have one big project a year for all members
  • Encourage each other in all our artistic endeavors.
  • Use our website to explore ways to merge  old ways of hand spinning, weaving, and dyeing with the new ways of communicating through technology and mass media. We feel fortunate that our members have a vast universe of knowledge available on both ends of the spectrum.

We weavers with our simple hand-looms, by going back to the fine clear beauty of the ancient days, have thrown a bridge over the ugliness of the machine-made age just behind us. It is not a dead art we are reviving but a new and growing art that will flower into who can tell what wonderful new blossoming.

–Mary Meigs Atwater

Our Projects

ikat designed and woven by Phyllis Karsten

We have a group project every year and each of us creates a wide range of individual projects. Our current project is ikat dyeing. The directions can be found here. You can see our monthly updates below.

Note: Occasionally we have a program that is only open to members or guests who have pre-registered.

New Members

We would like to grow. We are reaching out to new weavers and are prepared to help new members who would like to become weavers with lessons and equipment.

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Our Bylaws

To see our current bylaws, click here.

One thought on “About Us”

  1. I would be interested in joining your group. I have experimented with Shibori, ice dye, crystal wash, and tie dye on fabric. I have wanted to learn how to weave, too. I am also a member of the Peninsula Wearable Arts Guild (PenWAG).

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