February 19, 2017 Meeting

We had a lovely small meeting with Phyllis, Marcia, Sandy, Lotus and Sharolene. Sandy tried the new method of heating up our indigo bath with an aquarium heater and pump, however it didn’t heat up the water fast enough for our purposes. Therefore we are purchasing an electric hot plate to boil water to pour around the indigo bath instead.

The meeting consisted of us working on our kumihimo lanyards for CNCH. Sandy showed us a very nice pattern that is easy to weave which makes large braids that will be easy on the neck of whomever wears it.

Meeting items:

Sharolene’s pebble weave card weaving
photo of marudai
Sandy’s new marudai. 26″ tall, 10″ mirror


Sandy’s Friendship Blanket. She just finished crocheting the connections.


Back Row: Roberta Gaynor, Marge Pustorino, Linda Stinchfield, Pat Martin, Chris Wallace, Carol Lewis                     Front Row: Marcia Kehr, Barbie Paulsen, Margaret More, Mary Flynn (Marge’s twin) , Phyllis Karsten.

Marge Pustorino – Mary Ann Ostrander
Margaret More – Four O’ Clock
Mary Flynn -Small Blooming Leaf
Rhonda Nelson – Snail Trail & Cat Paws
Chris Wallace – Sun Moon and Stars
Dee Dumont – Large Blooming Leaf
Marcia Kehr – Johann Speck #33
Barbie Paulson – Kings Flowers
Linda Stinchfield – Chariot Wheels
Phyllis Karsten – Phyllis’s Fancy
Patricia Martin – Snowballs
Carol Lewis – Morning Star
Roberta Gaynor – was not able to do the weaving