August 2015, Paper Making on a hot day

A post from last August when Frank lead a day of recycling paper.
Next month we make books out of the paper that was made!

We used a 2-layer technique to paint on a piece of paper with different colored paper.  Yes, painting with paper pulp not paint.

Paper was drying everywhere, even in the bird garden. Lots of paper was made and will be made into books next month!

July 19, 2015 -Phyllis’s Medal and Overdyeing a Shawl

We had a fun meeting on July 19th, 2015 at the home of Phyllis Karsten. Phyllis just got back from the senior games and won a first place medal in her 90+ class. She just missed the world record by something like 40 seconds.  Way to go Phyllis!

Phyllis at Senior Games 2015.
Sandy Kupper (left) and Phyllis Karsten (right). Photo of Phyllis at Senior Games 2015. Phyllis shown with her first place medal.

Sandy brought the extremely soft woolen shawl that Jean Shoe so expertly and lovingly made, like all her hand work. But we felt the colors were a little too bright for our tastes so Sandy did a quick indigo dip. It muted down the colors wonderfully. We were very happy with the results.

This was the bright knitted shawl before indigo dip.
This was the bright knitted shawl before indigo dip.
Carol Lewis wearing the indigo dyed shawl.

Frank’s Refillable Cloth Book Cover

Materials : cloth, fusible interfacing, thread, signature booklet, sewing machine.



I used hand spun yarn to hold the single signature in the cover.


If You wanted to have 2 or 3 signatures in the book, the cover would have to be wider and you would need more yarn loops to hold them more signatures in.  These are minor adjustments once you understand how to make the single signature book.