Working Alone Together

With the new normal imposed by Covid-19 our monthly meetings have been suspended indefinitely. However this does not mean we have been idle. We still communicate with each other. Here are photos of projects from Natalie, Sandy, Sharolene, and Frank.

Here is Natalie’s no-pattern knit cardigan and the beginning of her basket being made from fabric and yarn.

no-pattern knit cardiganbasket making in progress with yarn and fabric






Sandy, our tapestry aficionado, finished her stunning tapestry of a burro. Those of us who have been learning tapestry techniques from Sandy are left speechless.

Sandy's tapestry burro

Sharolene has added three tops and a hat to her wardrobe and has some new yarn to experiment with.

Frank has stunned us by learning to do Irish needle lace and making this memorial piece for his neighbor’s cat out of hand-spindle spun cat fur. It measures 4.5 x 4.5 inches.

Handspun needle lace

Hand spindle and cat fur

Who knows what the rest of us may be working on! We are eager to get together again to share our love of fiber.

By early October our prolific tapestry weaver, Sandy, finished her tapestry called My Father’s Ghost and is already hatching ideas for her next tapestry.


Frank has caught the tapestry bug fish too. Here is his Fish in a Tin.